Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Tremors 5 Trailer Surfaces - Spoilers Level: Medium

A trailer has emerged for "Tremors 5: Bloodlines". With a little over two months left till the home release we finally get a closer look at what to expect. Is it good? Be warned that the rest of this post will look into the trailer, and may therefore contain spoilers for the film itself.

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Posted by Tremors on 27. juli 2015

So what do we think? Is this something we're excited about? Is this what we have been waiting on for over a decade? Personally, I am really disappointed at what we get here. It doesn't seem to really match any of the previous Tremors film on any level. Be it the visuals, the audio, the acting, or the thematics. Not even Michael Gross seem to quite remember how to pull off a decent Burt Gummer.

We'll start right off with the biggest reveal and "spoiler" of the trailer, the new monster. There's a new monster that looks like a mix between a shrieker, graboid, and those things from "Tremors" homage "Grabbers". Its introductory scene is in a kitchen and is a clear reference to the kitchen scene in "Jurassic Park". But we don't get to see it "properly" until later in the trailer when Jamie Kennedy's character is faced off with the creature in what I'd think is a dark cave.

We can argue day and night until the release over where this fits into the evolutionary chain of the graboid, but it could easily be something different all together. We already know that assblasters lay the graboid eggs, and that "Tremors 5" was originally going to go into detail on the egglaying process, but the creature pictured above does not seem to have morphed from any of the creatures already known. My biggest hope is that this is a further development of the mixmaster formula explored in the Tremors TV series. Perhaps it has mixed a graboid, a shrieker, and an assblaster all together to form one übermonster. If that's the case I'm all for it. But I seriously doubt they'd pull in something only the fans would know of for a soft reboot like this.

Burt Gummer is another disappointment from the trailer. He just doesn't feel like he's Burt Gummer. Sure, it's been a while since we last saw him, and he's probably been through a lot of shit, but the main draw of this film was seeing Burt Gummer battle graboids once again. What we get seem to instead be a stylised version of the kind of character Burt Gummer was a spoof of. All in an effort to fit into what seems to be a highly more polished and referential film than the rest of the series.

I'm hoping that all of my concerns are just the result of the trailer editing. That they're trying to pander to an audience that isn't actually going to like this film. It seems like a stupid move, but is not unheard of with films like this. I guess we'll just have to wait and see when "Tremors 5: Bloodlines" drops October 6th.