Saturday, 21 March 2015

Home - Entertains If It Musts (engelsk)

It is time for one of my promised posts in English! I noticed that DreamWorks Animation's 31st film has yet to premiere in its home country of the USA, so if you want some opinions look no further. Except maybe if you want some good ones.

"Home" follows a boov named Oh and a human named Trip. The booves have invaded the Earth and relocated all humans to a massive city in Australia whilst trying to escape the evil gorgs. In the middle of this Trip was left behind due to a series of flukes and decides to not wait around for her mom anymore. It's time she finds her. Oh who as accidentally invited the gorgs to a housewarming party is being hunted by every other boov on the planet and decides to help Trip so that he may lay low for a while. It all sounds pretty fun and original for a film like this, but unfortunately it just doesn't deliver, even by DreamWorks' lower standards.

Being DreamWorks' only theatrical release in 2015 hasn't given "Home" any advantages to the films released in years where there have been multiple. Apart from the interesting opening segment showing the boov invading the Earth the film offers few goodies. The most insulting part is that it doesn't even look that good compared to what we've grown used to from even the indiest of CG animated films. Often the scenes are so poorly composited that it looks like a weird green screen shot, hair looks like something out of an advanced student film, and when they show water it runs into the problem of it being too realistic, not matching the style of the film otherwise. It's all over the place.

That said, the film does manage to pull on some emotional strings. You do develop limited connections with at least Oh. Jim Parsons' voice acting is a high light of the film, even though it's not amazing in itself it does help you empathise and understand Oh enough to cheer when he triumphs and sigh when he fails. All in all, this is a completely average CG animated film, and a subpar DreamWorks film. There is better, but it will entertain if it musts.

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