Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Jeremiah Harm - Weekly Update #2

It's been a whole week since we first learned about Timo Vuorensola's next film project, Jeremiah Harm, and as you may have gathered from the title it is time for a weekly update. This will be an ongoing series of blog posts for the duration of Jeremiah Harm's pre-pre-production (present) right until the premiere and maybe a bit further. So let's go!

Jeremiah Harm now has an IMDb page, it's very sparse on new information, but it does have some interesting tidbits.
According to this IMDb page Jeremiah Harm will be released in 2016, in a post-episode seven world. I hadn't expected a year to be announced so soon, but I wouldn't bet this 2016 release is final. The page also includes a screenwriter named Dalan Musson who will adapt the graphic novels. It'll be the first film he handles on his own, let's hope he manages alright.
This site may all be bullocks, but from what I remember, the Iron Sky team was very interested in creating its own IMDb page, so it's not too much of a leap suggesting that someone within the Jeremiah Harm team has created this page

The official Jeremiah Harm website has now opened for alien design submissions, the one million aliens needed was indeed a cry for fans to design aliens and submit them. As I'm writing this they've received 27 of 1,000,000 aliens needed. There are some very good ones, and some pretty bad ones in there so far. I hope all of you reading are contemplating submitting your own designs, Jerry needs you! I bet, though, that even Jerry will pity the one that has to sweep through all those entries for the ones good enough for the film is in for a hell of a job. 


I've saved the saddest for last. Iron Sky had a very neat investment program for fans, you could invest a few thousand euro into the production and help the film be made. 
This time, however, this will not be the case. There are plans to be just as involved with the crowd when it comes to tasks and feedback, but they do not have any crowd investment planned. This is most likely due to how this film will be made, there will probably be more trouble than help in having to manage all those micro-investments this time.

I hope that although they won't have crowd investments, they'll still take some of the crowd funding ideas they had on Iron Sky over to Jeremiah Harm. For one, they had a lot of merchandise early on and throughout the production of Iron Sky. Albeit little, you could help the production by purchasing tees. pens, keychains, throwing discs, toothbrushes, all sorts of things. But more importantly, they had the Iron Sky Collector's Edition. It was basically a very expensive BD/DVD box set, but was a way for people to nano-invest in the production. Those box sets went on sale about two and a half years ago, and just started dropping into people's mail boxes. 

A bit dry this week, but I'll keep on scouring the river that is the Internet for the gold that is Jeremiah Harm news, and I'll be back to you next week. I'll do the searching, so you don't have to.

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